T-Ara So-yeon explains her controversial remark about the store that refuses to let her dog enter 

T-Ara So-yeon explained that her status “I will file a complaint” was not aimed at the store that refused to let her dog enter. 

On April 8th, So-yeon left a long message on her Instagram Story, saying, “The Story about my dog was not the same as what was written in articles at all”. So-yeon explained, “The status ‘I’ll file a complaint’ was something I wrote in a witty way thinking of my favorite movie ‘Ted’. Seems like it has caused misunderstandings”.

T-Ara Soyeon

She continued, “I’m living with a dog but I respect those who are not familiar with having a pet dog. I also often check if the places I want to go allow me to bring my dog along before visiting”, adding, “I didn’t think the story this time would cause such misunderstanding”. She added, “I hope everyone won’t misunderstand me. I will make sure to be careful about posting things lightly and pleasantly”.

T-Ara Soyeon

Meanwhile, So-yeon is about to marry footballer Cho Yu-min, who is 9 years younger than her. She recently posted a photo of her going shopping with her dog and caused controversy as she wrote the caption, “Both of us got kicked out because they said no to dogsㅋㅋI should file a complaint about human rights like Ted did”.

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