“Sweet Home” Kim Ji Eun to play her first leading role in “Scarecrow Dance” 

Kim Ji Eun, who starred in “Sweet Home” will become the female lead of the new movie “Scarecrow Dance”

According to Star News on December 4th, Kim Ji Eun was cast as the female lead in the horror/thriller “Scarecrow Dance”. This movie revolves around an anesthesiologist who cares for a daughter with autism, who dreams of leading a happy family life with his wife, Seong Yoon.

Kim Ji Eun debuted in the 2009 movie “4th Period Mystery”, and has since appeared as supporting roles in numerous dramas, including “Doctor Stranger”, “All About My Mom“, “House of Bluebird”, “Dr. Romantic”, “Flowers of the Prison”, and “Terius Behind Me”. In 2020, she also captured the attention of viewers around the world by playing the role of army captain Han Yu Jin in the Netflix series “Sweet Home”.

kim ji eun

After “Sweet Home”, Kim Ji Eun will be resuming her activities with “Scarecrow Dance”. In particular, it is her first movie in 7 years since 2015’s “Untouchable Lawman”.

Kim Ji Eun is an actress with an elegant yet sexy image. She has built up her acting skills step by step while playing supporting roles in numerous dramas. 

kim ji eun

Kim Ji-eun, who took on the first lead role after debuting with ‘Scarecrow Dance’, is determined to show an exciting performance through “Scarecrow Dance”.

Meanwhile, “Scarecrow Dance” is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023.

Source: daum

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