This kid grew up so well… She has become a top model and an amazing broadcaster 

Model Han Hye-jin released her childhood photo. 

Han Hye-jin recently posted a photo on her Instagram account along with the caption “Looks like she would become a Youtuber”.

The released photo shows Han Hye-jin’s appearance when she was a little kid. Her unchanging features, such as her cute smile and front teeth, caught the eyes of netizens.

Han Hye-jin gained keen attention when she opened her personal Youtube channel “한혜진 Han Hye-jin” on August 19th.

In her first Youtube video, Han Hye-jin said, “I’ve been appearing on TV programs and communicating with you in only one way. Now I’m trying to have two-way communication with you all”, adding “I want to show you a less decorated side of me, which is different from what I showed on reality programs.”

She explained, “The concept of this channel is ‘double me’. I will show you both the ‘strong appearance in the city’ and ‘pure appearance in the countryside’ that coexist inside me.”

Lastly, she said, “I want to thank the subscribers who are watching me and will continue to watch my videos in the future. You might wonder, ‘What is this?’ at first. However, please keep looking forward to me with a little more affection.”

Han Hye-jin is seeing the viewers through KBS Joy’s “Love Naggers Season 3” and TVing’s “Zero-Sum Game”. 

Source: wikitree

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