Suzy’s mother turns out to be doing performing activities for charities as Maha Dance Group’s leader Myung Seon Hwa 

The mother of singer-actress Suzy is known to actively participate in charity activities through performances and donations.

Suzy’s mother Jung Hyun Sook, leader of Maha Dance Group, is known to be carrying out various volunteering activities and performing traditional music and dance under the name Myung Seon Hwa. 

Myung Seon Hwa led Maha Dance Group and performed at the 13th Life Share Charity Concert hosted by Life Share Organization at Konkuk University’s Millennium Hall in Seoul to raise funds to support medical expenses for incurable diseases and transplants.


According to information on Maha Dance Group’s website, Jung Hyun Sook is also the executive director and sponsor of Life Share Organization as well as a director of an association for Korean dance and arts. 

Maha Dance Group is an organization under Life Share Organization. It plans and develops exciting performances to comfort the underprivileged who suffer difficulties in life with dances and music. The group has visited villages, hospitals, and nursing homes to deliver necessary goods, such as briquettes, blankets, rice, etc., as well as joined campaigns to prevent suicide accidents and carried out various donation projects, such as registering organ donations.

This is the first time information about Suzy’s mother has been reported in detail. Jung Hyun Sook never mentions Suzy’s name with Maha Dance Group, and Suzy has never talked about her mother’s special activities. Suzy and her parents attended the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade ambassador appointment ceremony together. Suzy’s parents also did an interview on SBS’s “Healing Camp” in 2013. In addition, a Buddhism media outlet once revealed that Myung Sun Hwa is Suzy’s mother. 


In fact, Suzy is known to have donated to Life Share Organization on her birthdays in 2017 and 2018. She has been continuing her donations for years. In other words, the actress performs good deeds without saying anything about her mother’s identity.

Meanwhile, Suzy got cast in Netflix’s “The Girl Downstairs” and is currently filming the drama.

Source: Daum

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