Suzy transforms into idol Lee Doo-na in still cuts from Netflix’s “Doona!”

Still cuts of actress Suzy transforming into idol “Lee Doo-na” attracted attention

On September 28th, Netflix released Suzy’s still cuts from “Doona!” through its official account with the caption “What kind of person is idol Lee Doo-na?“.

“Doona!” is a drama based on Min Song-ah’s work “The Girl Downstairs”, which has been serialized on Naver since July 2019. It depicts the story of ordinary college student Lee Won-jun (Yang Se-jong) meeting Lee Doo-na (Suzy), who retired after leaving behind the glamorous K-pop idol days, and becoming housemates.


In “Doona!”, Suzy plays the role of Lee Doo-na, the main vocalist of a popular idol group and the center of popularity. Lee Doo-na announces her sudden retirement and stays in a share house in a college town.

Still cuts released by Netflix show Suzy’s complete transformation into Lee Doo-na. As an idol on stage, Suzy’s presence is reminiscent of her Miss A days, drawing attention. Netflix also unveiled essential elements of idol culture like photocards, further increasing expectations for her transformation into Lee Doo-na. Behind-the-scenes shots of Suzy learning choreography to prepare for the role of Lee Doo-na are also included.


Netflix’s original series “Doona!” starring Suzy and Yang Se-jong will be released on October 20th.

Source: Nate

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