SM artists give reassuring words as Sunny departs from SM Entertainment after 16 years 

As Sunny announced her departure from SM; fans hope she can continue being a part of Girls’ Generation. 

Recently, on August 8, Sunny left SM Entertainment after 16 years of working, leaving netizens in shock. Nonetheless, she is receiving support from members of Girls’ Generation and other artists under SM.

After Sunny released the information on her Instagram, Sooyoung gave a reassuring message, commenting, “Sunny, I’m always rooting for you. Let’s do it together.” At the same time, BoA gave a word of encouragement, saying, “Always rooting for our Soonkyu.”  

snsd sunny

In a heartwarming announcement on her personal SNS, Sunny expressed her deepest gratitude for fans’ unchanged support, the staff and managers’ greatest care toward her, and the love she received from Girls’ Generation members. SM Entertainment confirmed the news on the same day. 

Rumors of Sunny’s departure started circulating when fans could not find Sunny’s special message to SONEs on Girls’ Generation’s 16th debut anniversary on Kwangya Club, a community for fans of SM artists. The banner celebrating the group’s debut also only had four members, which were Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona.

Apart from Sunny, Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung left SM in 2017. Even though they departed from the company, three artists maintained they were still Girls’ Generation members and boasted a close relationship with other members of the group.

Source: twitter, instagram

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