“Street Woman Fighter” contestant No:ze is involved in another “diva” scandal 

No:ze is in another controversy as she sells an NFT selfie for 550.000 won in a bundle of 10.000. 

On September 1st, Wikitree posted news about female dancer No:ze. The dancer was said to be doing false advertising in her project “NFT Dance With NO:ZE”. No:ze was the initiator of the project with hopes to copyright choreographies for dancers. 

No:ze said: “I am the one who started the project and, after that, a platform for seniors and juniors to exchange choreography will be opened. No:ze’s project is the first example where choreographers receive a part of digital copyright”. 

Contrary to what No:ze had shared, Wikitree affirmed that copyrights and NFT are not similar in nature: “the application of NFT technology in choreography videos only means using NFT literally and does not equal copyright protection”. 

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To carry out the project, No:ze intended to release her first product. However, it did not contain choreography videos. Instead, they were 10.000 selfie pictures. They were sold at 550.000 won each, equivalent to 403 USD. This is an expensive price for a dancer and the expected profit in the first sale was 5 billion won, approximately 3.6 million USD. 


No:ze then became the topic of heated discussion on the Internet. Fans expressed their disappointment in the dancer, saying she thought too highly of herself as a dancer. Moreover, the trading business went against the purposes of community support from which the dancer collected royalties, which further angered many people. 


Previously, No:ze also found herself in scandal of doing advertisement deals with big brands properly only and ignored other smaller brands. “We sent a request to No:ze to ask her to upload a post but she always delayed. Only after many attempts to send her lengthy messages did she post the content. However, it passed the deadline by several months. [The post] was deleted without mercy in the end”, said a brand representative. 


Above all, the dancer was denounced for unprofessionalism and bad attitude. “To ease the atmosphere, I tried my best. This is not the first time celebrities gave us a hard time. When I heard of her [No:ze] scandal, I thought, “Never mind”. I did not think the issue was that huge. It created hardship and weariness for everyone on the set”, said a staff member. 

The stories of No:ze continuing to sell her selfies with a dear price is still a topic of concern. The public think she is ruining her own career with rash decisions. 

Source: wikitree

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