Fans feel the warmth from the close relationship between SEVENTEEN Seungkwan and the late Moon Bin 

A birthday message from the late Moon Bin to his close friend SEVENTEEN Seungkwan from 2021 gains attention. 

moonbin funeral will be held today, April 22nd. A birthday message from the late Moon Bin to SEVENTEEN Seungkwan on his birthday is gaining attention. 


In 2021, when Seungkwan celebrated his 24th birthday, he started a live broadcast to interact with fans. When a fan asked if Moon Bin had wished him a happy birthday, Seungkwan said, “Oh. Moon Bin sent me a text message as soon as it hit midnight.” 

Seungkwan continued, “I got emotional when I saw Moon Bin’s text message,” adding, “I’ll read a little bit. Moon Bin sent it to me,” he added.


The content of the text goes as follows, “Seungkwan, happy 24th birthday. It’s already been four years since I met you and asked you to be friends in the waiting room of M Countdown”. 

Seungkwan continued, “I think I’m very lucky to meet you. I learned and felt good things from you, and I felt them influence my life a lot. I’ve seen you often, but now that I think about it, it’s fascinating. I don’t think we have any bad memories. All of them are good memories, and the more I think about them, the more I smile,” the late idol expressed his affection for Seungkwan.


In addition, Moon Bin affectionately said, “Thank you for listening to my troubles, empathizing with me, and suggesting a better solution when I ask to meet you for something.”

After reading Moon Bin’s text out loud, Seungkwan said, “It was touching. It’s an honor to know a friend like Moon Bin.” He continued, “Moon Bin is sweet. And he’s the type who is honest with his expressions.” 


In response, fans expressed their love and sorrow for the close relationship between the two, saying, “It’s really warm” and “I think they had a good friendship.”

Recently, Seungkwan had to seat out of the pre-recording of Mnet’s “M Countdown” comeback stage on April 21st due to health reasons.

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