Streamer “Calm Man” explains why NewJeans appeared on his YouTube live broadcast and not a public entertainment show

Streamer Calm Man (cartoonist Lee Mal Nyeon) revealed the behind story of New Jeans’ appearance on his channel.

Calm Man held his live broadcast on his YouTube channel on January 4th. He drew attention by revealing a secret story related to NewJeans’ appearance on his broadcast. 

Previously, some netizens expressed doubts when New Jeans appeared on a YouTube live broadcast, not a public channel entertainment show, saying that it did not suit a rookie girl group. As a result, Calm Man was criticized by some netizens.

Regarding this, Calm Man said, “When I tried to explain the behind-the-scenes story in chronological order of how the invitation for New Jeans to appear was made, many people expressed doubts, saying, ‘New Jeans released a new song ‘OMG’ and they should appear on big programs first, why did they appear on Calm Man’s broadcasts. There must be a reason?’”

A few years ago, while working together, Calm Man became close with director Shin Woo Seok. As a result, Calm Man received an offer to appear in a commercial directed by director Shin Woo Seok. Then, recently, as a close friend of director Shin Woo Seok, he was asked to appear in a cameo in New Jeans’ MV for “OMG”, and he readily accepted.


Calm Man went on to explain, “I went to a Chinese restaurant to have a meal with CEO Min Hee Jin and Director Shin Woo Seok. After talking about this and that, the question came up about what it would be like if New Jeans appeared on ‘Calm Man’. They asked me what it would be like to host a personal broadcast as an uncle playing with his nieces. Then the CEO said that the members are not afraid of this kind of live broadcast. So I set a date.”

He continued, “But when I think about it again, after all, if there were a live chat during the broadcast, it would have been difficult to see and delete bad comments, so I thought it would be a bad situation. But there was no chat, so things seemed to go smoothly.”

Source: Wikitree

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