Lee Min Jung discussed sensitive issues with her husband, Lee Byung Hun 

Actress Lee Min Jung frankly revealed a situation in which she was angry with her husband, actor Lee Byung Hun. 

On January 4th, actress Lee Min Jung appeared on the MBC talk show “Radio Star”. Here, the actress was asked by MCs whether Lee Byung Hun gives her acting advice, to which she replied, “He does. At first, he didn’t, but one day, when we are watching my work together, he suddenly said, ‘Why didn’t you ask me?’”

radio star
Lee Byung Hun often gives acting advice to Lee Min Jung.

In addition, the actress added, “My husband told me to tell him if there was anything that got me wrong while acting”. She also explained that Lee Byung Hun would go into details and comment on her gaze and eye acting, sometimes complimenting her emotional performances. 

Then, Lee Min Jung was asked if she ever felt burdensome to be receiving a lot of advice. At this, the actress responded while laughing, “He crossed the line a lot doing that! I would then say, ‘I already filmed it! What do you want me to do? I can’t change it!’”

radio star

Lee Min Jun expressed dissatisfaction with certain acting advice from her husband Lee Byung Hun.

On the other hand, Lee Min Jung married Lee Byung Hun, who is 12 years older, in August 2013. The couple have a son together. 

Source: wikitree

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