Stray Kids’s Hyunjin Praised For Politeness And Consideration At Airport Recently

Stray Kids member Hyunjin aroused keen attention with his well-mannered actions

On February 22nd, Stray Kids’s Hyunjin recently appeared at the airport to depart for Milan Fashion Week. As soon as he showed up, the male idol was surrounded by many fans and reporters. 

stray kids hyunjin

In particular, a fan who was at the scene revealed a heartwarming story. Accordingly, after Hyunjin entered the elevator, a female tourist also came towards him to join. However, Hyunjin’s bodyguard stopped her in front of the elevator door, saying “No, no”. 

The woman wanted to use the elevator with Hyunjin’s team because it was too crowded outside. Noticing the situation, Hyunjin touched the bodyguard slightly and said, “Please calm down”, then helped solve the problem by welcoming the tourist into the elevator with him.

stray kids hyunjin

In addition, since the airport was too crowded, reporters couldn’t capture any photos of Hyunjin during the photo time so he said to them, “You worked hard.” Before entering the departure area, a reporter called his name and Hyunjin made a heart post. That moment was later put on the thumbnail of the Hyunjin’s airport video that day.

Despite the chaotic situation at that time, Hyunjin smiled and waved at fans all the time, proving his professionalism and consideration. As the stories spread on social media, netizens poured compliments on Hyunjin’s kind personality.

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