“Squid Game” Lee Yoo-mi Becomes New “Korean-style” Super Hero In New Drama

Actress Lee Yoo-mi will turn into a K-hero this time

In JTBC’s new Saturday and Sunday drama “Strong Girl Nam-soon,” Lee Yoo-mi will act as Nam-soon, signaling a colorful performance.

“Strong Girl Nam-soon” is a comic crime drama in which three generations of mothers and daughters who are born with super strength powers dig into the reality of drug crimes centered on Gangnam. Lee Yoo-mi plays the main character, Kang Nam-soon, who came from Mongolia with an ambitious plan to find her lost family.

Lee Yu-mi

Lee Yoo-mi is expected not only to show the charm of Kang Nam-soon, who is pure like a child, with her unique loveliness, but also depict a new style of Korean heros. In addition, her mother-daughter chemistry with Hwang Geum-ju (Kim Jong-un) and Gil Jung-jung (Kim Hae-sook), as well as the colorful side of “Gangnam Soon” that Lee Yoo-mi will present in a romance relationship with Kang Hee-sik (Ong Seong-woo), are the main points to watch.

In the previously released highlight video, the action, humanism, and fantasy aspects of the character that Lee Yoo-mi will present were cited as promising elements. 

Lee Yu-mi

Viewers are paying keen attention to “Strong Girl Nam-soon,” which Lee Yoo-mi, who has been imprinted in viewers’ minds through her previous Netflix “Squid Game,” “All Of Us Are Dead,” and tvN’s “Mental Coach Jegal,” presents as her first lead role.

The drama will be broadcast for the first time today (October 7th) from 10:30 p.m. to 10:50 p.m (KST).

Source: daum

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