Sooyoung mentions Girls’ Generation members, “We don’t contact each other. I text them only when I want to travel”

Sooyoung boasted about the strong friendship of Girls’ Generation members.

The September 1st broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Lee Eun Ji’s Music Plaza” featured the guest appearance of Girls’ Generation Sooyoung.

During the radio show, Sooyoung mentioned Hyoyeon so Lee Eun Ji wondered, “Why don’t Girls’ Generation members contact each other? Why do you guys only talk about each other on this radio show?”. Sooyoung replied, “‘Music Plaza’ has become our new channel for communication”, drawing laughter.


Reading the comment “The closer people are, the less they contact each other”, Sooyoung said, “That’s right. Sometimes when Hyoyeon turns on a live broadcast, I would join and leave comments”, adding “When I suddenly want to travel somewhere, I would just leave a message asking, ‘Who wants to join?’.”

After having a discussion about working styles with Lee Eun Ji, Sooyoung revealed that she will hold an Asian fanmeeting tour, starting next Saturday in Seoul. After then, she will visit Tokyo, Osaka, Taiwan and Thailand. In particular, Sooyoung participated in planning the fanmeeting, including arranging content, inviting guests, and preparing songs.


She confessed, “Whether I’m performing as a member of Girls’ Generation or a solo artist, fans will always have a certain level of expectation. I know so well what my fans like and want to see. I didn’t join the planning at the beginning but since the fanmeeting should focus on me, many of my opinions were reflected.”

In the meantime, Sooyoung also talked about her chemistry with actress Jeon Hye Jin, who worked with her in the drama “Not Others”. She said, “Both of us are introverted. I really liked her so I approached her first then she opened her heart to me and showed her lovely side.”

Source: Nate

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