Song Joong-ki Returns to Korea Without His Wife and Son

The actor Song Joong-ki returned to Korea alone on the 19th

Song Joong-ki returned to Korea from Italy, Rome, on the 19th through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2, and his solo appearance raised questions.

Instead, Song Joong-ki’s seat was occupied by his pet dog, Nala.

song joong ki with nala

Song Joong-ki appeared with Nala nestled in his right arm. He appeared casually dressed, wearing a white hoodie, a black cap, and carrying a backpack.

Song Joong-ki returned to Korea because he is scheduled to attend the first domestic press screening of the movie ‘Hwaran’ on the 22nd.

Since his son is still too young for a long flight, it seems Song Joong-ki chose to come to Korea alone, leaving his wife and son in Rome. In addition, there is a 7-hour time difference between Rome, Italy, and Korea, so he couldn’t spend this birthday with his family.

Upon his return to Korea, Song Joong-ki plans to fulfill his interview schedule and participate in the promotional activities for ‘Hwaran’ at the Busan International Film Festival, which opens on the 4th of next month.

song joong ki with nala

Song Joong-ki’s first domestic activity after the conclusion of JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” in the first half of this year, where he shared consecutive news of his marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth in front of his fans.

Previously, in January of this year, he made headlines by announcing his marriage to British actress Katie Louise Saunders, and in June, he personally shared the news of the birth of their son.

song joong ki with nala

Furthermore, in May, he walked the red carpet at the 76th Cannes International Film Festival for the movie “Hwaran.” After completing overseas schedules, including the filming of the movie “My Name is Loh Kiwan,” he stayed in his wife’s hometown of Rome, Italy, spending time with his family.

Meanwhile, “Hwaran” was officially invited to the Cannes International Film Festival and had its world premiere, and it will be officially released in theaters on the 11th of next month.

This movie is a noir film that tells the story of Yeon-gyu (played by Hong Sa-bin), who wants to escape from a hellish reality and meets the organization’s middle boss, Chigon (played by Song Joong-ki).

Source: wikitree

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