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Song Ji Hyo is no longer “Blank Ji Hyo”? Show pride in new technology (Running Man)

Considered the weakest in sports, Song Ji Hyo proves why she’s the “Ace” of “Running Nam”

In the 18th September broadcast of famous SBS variety show “Running Man”, Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min, who’s considered the show’s “weakest athletes”, transform into “oriental sisters”.

As the recent recording was a special feature in Gangwon-do, the Running Man Mini Olympic was held to re-enact the impression of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Here, Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min, who were selected as the weakest in sports. surprised everyone by bringing a twist.

In particular, Song Ji Hyo, who’s often called “Blank Ji Hyo” (Mong Ji Hyo) for her blank and spaced-out expression, had never been active in ball games. However, she appeared with unexpected tools, leading to members wondering, “What is that?” and “How should Ji Hyo complete her mission?” The actress then analyzed the game with keen eyes and showed a new technology in the entertainment ball game industry with a sweeping strategy. The production team explained that she boasted the presence of an undisputed ace by giving an unexpected shot using 100% of the tools.

In addition, Jeon So Min, who’s dubbed the “eternal referee”, showed a “passionate frog” appearance before the game, while Haha was coached by the “Sparta” Kim Jong Kook, raising excitement.

As the math progressed, the members predicted a breathtaking close battle, saying, “It’s neck-to-neck” and “I’m nervous about this.”

The Running Man Mini-Olympic can be seen on the September 18th episode of “Running Man”, which is broadcasted at 5 pm (KST) on Sunday.

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