Song Ji-ah’s father is not a dentist but the owner of an adult entertainment establishment?

Suspicions surrounding YouTuber Song Ji-ah’s father are arising. 

Song Ji-ah, who recently declared the suspension of her activities, said in a video on Jan 25th, “I ask everyone to stop criticizing my family.” Song Ji-ah was talking about the suspicions about her father’s job, which Song Ji-ah had consistently told stories about and is now followed by a request for clarification from the public.

Song Ji-ah’s father is known as a dentist, but Song Ji-ah’s controversy over fake goods has led to a demand for certification of her father’s job. In the midst of this, a number of articles have been posted that Song Ji-ah’s father worked at an entertainment establishment.

Song Ji-ah father

An article was posted on the community that Song Ji-ah’s father has played a role in managing adult entertainment workers in Busan and linking them with other businesses. There was also a witness that Mr. Song recently opened and is operating an adult entertainment establishment. The disclosure in this regard is expected to create a huge controversy. 

Earlier, reporter-turned-Youtuber Kim Yong-ho said on a live broadcast on January 23rd, “I know what Song Ji-a’s father is doing, and I know how he, as a father, has raised his daughter,” adding, “I hope Song Ji-ah will explain this in person.”

Song Ji-ah’s father

After Kim Yong-ho’s request came out, Song Ji-ah announced her temporary suspension of all activities and asked the public to refrain from attacking her family. If it turns out that Song Ji-ah’s father’s job was an entertainment establishment manager, Song Ji-ah would be put in a position where she needs to give another clarification.

On January 25th, Song Ji-ah said she had set all of her Youtube content to private to take time to reflect on herself. The sincerity of Song Ji-ah’s apology is being criticized as well as it was reported that she set the videos to private on the 25th after she settled her monthly YouTube income on the 24th.

Song Ji-ah’s father

Song Ji-ah once earned 300 million won a month from YouTube, and is expected to earn tens of millions of won for her January income.


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