Fans are excited with Rosé’s see-through shirt. Another female idol also put on this sexy style a while ago

If this style becomes a trend, this summer is surely going to be extremely “hot”

Rosé has just released a series of sexy pictures. Although she’s just wearing a simple tank top and wide-leg jeans, there is one detail of this outfit that makes fans fall in love. The beauty from BLACKPINK chose to wear a rather thin tank top, revealing the black underclothes inside. This style helps Rosé flaunt her slim body and exudes a sexy aura. No need for any makeup or complicated mix & match, she’s still on fire.

This style of Rosé reminds fans of Ryujin’s (ITZY) outfits. The female idol was once entangled in a fierce controversy when wearing a tight tank top that revealed the hem and inner straps of the underclothes.

At that time, many netizens thought that Ryujin‘s outfit was a bit too revealing. A topic with the content “Do you dare to dress like Ryujin to go down the street?” also received a lot of attention. Most people think that only those with a standard figure like Ryujin dare to style their clothes in this bold way. Although the style really emphasizes their figure, many netizens still expressed that they would never wear it for fear of being looked at by passers-by and becoming victims of perverts.


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