Song Il Gook, “My wife said she doesn’t want to live with me if she was reborn”

Actor Song Il Gook revealed that he is living apart from his wife.

At the end of SBS’ “Dolsing Fourmen” broadcast on March 21st, a preview of Song Il Gook, Hong Ji Min and Jang Hyun Sung’s appearance was released.

song il gook

Here, Lee Sang Min “exposed” Song Il Gook, saying, “I heard he cried like that when he proposed.” Regarding his first meeting with his wife, Song Il Gook recalled being a straight lover, “It was so good when we first met. We met at lunchtime and stayed until midnight.” However, the actor also revealed and he and his wife are actually living apart “for the first time these days.

Tak Jae Hoon then asked, “How is it to live apart? There are both good and bad points, right?” In response, Song Il Gook could not hide his joy with the corners of his mouth raised, before dropping a bombshell, saying, “My wife said she doesn’t want to live with me if she was reborn.

song il gook

On the other hand, Jang Hyun Sung confessed about his tough married life, “The older child was in 12th grade, the younger one was in 8th grade, and my wife was in menopause. I think we’ll fight if my wife does a little more. I tried to go because I didn’t want to fight, but I was grasped by the back of my neck and asked where I was going. I cried the moment I got grasped. Why was I so slow?

Source: Nate

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