Son Ye Jin’s father and ‘future son-in-law’ Hyun Bin garner attention because of their similar looks

Netizens are taken aback by a childhood photo of Son Ye Jin taken with her father due to a noticeable resemblance. 

On October 15, a post titled “Son Ye Jin‘s father” was uploaded on an online forum, gaining a huge amount of attention with a photo of Son Ye Jin when she was a kid, taken with her father, next to a photo of the actress taken with her boyfriend.

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin
Son Ye Jin with her father (left) and a photo of her taken with actor Hyun Bin (right)

Surprisingly, it is not the outstanding visual since childhood of the “Nation’s first love” that grabs much attention. Netizens focus on the handsome look of Son Ye Jin’s father who stands behind her in the photo. The attractive visuals of the actress’s father even makes many netizens think of her boyfriend, actor Hyun Bin.

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin
Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin – the visual couple of Korean showbiz.

In addition to the comments praising the impressive appearance of the actress’s father, many netizens commented that Ye Jin definitely inherited the beauty from her father and expressed their surprise at the resemblance between him and the “future son-in-law” Hyun Bin.

son ye jin hyun bin 16102021 4
son ye jin hyun bin 16102021 3
Fans once got excited when they discovered the similarities between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s looks

After the success of the hit drama “Crash Landing on You”, the duo of A-list Korean actors, both actors made fans extremely excited when they confirmed to be dating in real life. Not only comparing the looks of Son Ye Jin’s father and her boyfriend, netizens also spotted many surprising similarities between the couple themselves and asserted that the two are truly a match made in heaven. 

Source: Vietnamnet

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