Son Ye-jin expressed the sad reality of actresses in the Korean film industry

Son Ye-jin once talked about the sad reality of Korean actresses during an interview for the movie “The Pirate” in 2014.

In 2014, Son Ye-jin appeared at a press conference to announce the release of the movie “The Pirates” starring her and actor Kim Nam-gil. 

Son Ye-jin

When asked by a reporter in an interview about her opinion on the fact that there weren’t many movies with female casts like the melodrama genre, Son Ye-jin expressed, “It’s a pity that we can’t appear because such movies are not produced as many. The male actor can choose. They are always busy making schedule not just for the next movie, but even for the one after that, but that is not the case for us actresses. It is true that there are no films with female cast that has good scenarios and plans. And it is true that many actresses are having to rush to those with good scenarios that are very scarce. I hope that there will be more works about women,” she said, expressing her regret over the reality at the time when women’s films were not widely produced in the industry.

son ye jin

This is an interview eight years ago, but it has been continuously mentioned by various other actresses until recently. Let’s hope that various good works of and about women can be produced continuously in the future.

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