Son Seok Gu mentions the changes he experienced as he turned 40

Son Seok Gu talked about the changes he experienced as he turned 40.

On August 30th, actor Son Seok Gu appeared as a guest in the content “Psick Show” on the YouTube channel “Psick Univ”.

Son Seok Gu humorously admitted to being an unemployed individual who often lounged around and messaged people without receiving replies in his 20s. “Psick Univ” members asked him about his fitness routines and teased him for having a sturdy physique, to which he responded that he does not really work out and handles it on his own, even though he had tried personal training a few times.

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Son Seok Gu also talked about SNS. He mentioned managing his own SNS accounts and not having the “blue checkmark” of a verified celebrity.

He addressed his struggles with temptation, particularly regarding his love for food. He revealed that he faces nightly temptations and often indulges in eating, even though he recognizes the need for a more disciplined approach to maintain a professional image.

As Son Seok Gu entered his 40s, “Psick Univ” members were curious about his changes. He mentioned physical changes such as changes in facial features. He expressed the desire to use his energy fully in his 40s, despite the challenges that come with aging, like decreased confidence compared to when he observed energetic youth in his 20s and 30s.

son seok gu

Son Seok Gu also humorously mentioned the discrepancy between his age and how he feels mentally, as he sometimes encounters adults who speak informally to him, and while he wants to assert his age, he ends up responding politely like a person in their 20s or 30s. He admitted to taking daily naps to maintain his energy and humorously explained that he needs them to function properly, likening himself to a device that requires regular recharging.

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