YGX’s perfect teamwork: Lee Jung picked Yell, who wears hearing aids because of hearing impairment, as her “vulnerable finger”

The leader and members of YGX boasted their strong teamwork.

In the latest episode of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” aired on the evening of October 5th, the footage showing YGX’s practicing for the Mega Crew Mission was broadcast.

On that day, during YGX leader Lee Jung‘s self-evaluation, her crew was pointed out to have a high possibility of being eliminated. Therefore, in order to make up for this, she decided that the team would have to focus more on practicing. In particular, she looked at Yell and showed a caring expression.

Lee Jung said, “To me, Yell is like my right arm. There are many times when I feel thankful and sorry to her. In her pre-released dancer profile, Lee Jung picked Yell as her “vulnerable finger”“.

She expressed why she especially cares for Yell, “Yell has poor hearing, so she lives with hearing aids. To me, she is more than a younger sister. I’m not a good leader, but it is my team members who make me a good leader.

Meanwhile, Yell also revealed about her inconvenience, “I can’t hear the music well during battles. When I use my hands to cover the ears, the sound is concentrated so I can hear it better. I can’t listen to the whole song and dance, but I try my best to express the lines that I can hear.

Sources: nate

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