Actress Lim Ji Yeon looks “pretty” even when she shows this weird expression

Lim Ji Yeon has elicited laughter with a bizarre expression in “The Glory”, yet she still looks extremely pretty.

On March 28th, Lim Ji Yeon posted a screenshot from the Netflix drama “The Glory”, along with the caption, “Pretty Park Yeon Jin”. Park Yeon Jin here refers to Lim Ji Yeon’s character in the aforementioned drama. 

lim ji yeon

The published image shows Lim Ji Yeon acting while showing a villainous expression in “The Glory”. In particular, her character, Park Yeon Jin, who is the major villain, can be seen roaring in anger. 

Seeing the bizarre screenshot and how Lim Ji Yeon confidently exposed her “broken image”, netizens have a good chuckle. Under Lim Ji Yeon’s post, they left comments such as, “If you say this is pretty, I agree”, “Is this the worst photo you can find? This is so frustrating”, “I still find this photo pretty”, and “Are you saying this picture is pretty too?”. 

On the other hand, Lim Ji Yeon played the role of Park Yeon Jin, the main instigator of school violence in “The Glory”, which was released on March 10th.

Source: Daum

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