BTS Jimin, “There was a time when I felt lost and always got drunk… But none of the members gave me a hard time over it”

Jimin had a sincere talk with Suga on “Suchwita”.

Jimin guested on the 8th episode of Suga’s web entertainment show “Suchwita” released on March 28th.

jimin suga

Suga mentioned Jimin’s recently released solo album, saying “You must have been through lots of trials and errors while producing this album”. Jimin nodded and Suga also poured compliments on Jimin’s songs.

While explaining his album, Jimin highlighted the hidden track “Letter”, saying “It’s a fan song that conveys my feelings when saying ‘We won’t be doing group activities’ to fans.”

jimin suga

Jimin confessed, “BTS has been led by the three members of the rap line. I think each member should be able to talk about yourself more clearly for the team to grow more”. In response, Suga said, “The four vocalists may think so, but the three members in the rap line think that we were led by the vocal line with the rap line supporting.” Suga continued, “People wonder if I ever wanted to be in the center, but I never did. I think the core of BTS is the vocal line”.

Jimin also revealed an anecdote about the title song “Like Crazy”. Jimin said, “I was inspired by a movie of the same name”, adding “It was right about the time when I was feeling lost but I didn’t realize it and thought it was having fun, so I wanted to write about that. I’d always drink and get drunk. But interestingly, none of the members gave me a hard time over it”.

jimin suga

Hearing Jimin’s story, Suga commented, “After wandering and going through all the hardships, there comes a moment when you meet the more grown-up and mature version of yourself. That’s why I think this album is about facing the Jimin who has become an adult.”

Jimin picked 2025 as the time he wants to go to by time machine, saying “I’m curious about that time, so I want to go there”. Suga added, “It would be nice to make an album when we can tell more stories”.

Source: Nate

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