Son Dam-bi denied the rumor about getting married, “ She is having a good relationship, but has not yet thought of a marriage”

Singer-actress Son Dam-bi intensely refuted the rumor of her getting married.

In a telephone interview with Sports Kyunghyang on January 17th, an official from H& Entertainment, Son Dam-bi’s agency, said, “After checking the information with Son Dam-bi herself, it is true that she has developed a good relationship with Lee Kyu-hyuk, but she has not yet thought about getting married.”

Son Dam-bi Lee Kyu-hyuk

Former entertainment reporter Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled, “Exclusive news, Son Dam-bi is about to get married…”, on his Youtube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho”. In the video, Lee Jin-ho said, “A close acquaintance of the two said this. This person said the two are expected to hold a wedding in June at the latest.”

Son Dam-bi Lee Kyu-hyuk

Earlier in December last year, Son Dam-bi said she had been dating and having a serious romantic relationship with former speed skater Lee Kyu-hyuk, who used to be on the National team, since the beginning of that year. The two got to know each other through a meeting naturally and had been in constant contact since then. Since both enjoy playing golf as their hobbies, they started dating seriously from the beginning of the year.

Son Dam-bi Lee Kyu-hyuk

According to officials in the entertainment industry, the two don’t hide their romantic relationship, and their acquaintances have already considered them as a couple.

Son Dam-bi Lee Kyu-hyuk

Meanwhile, Son Dam-bi posted a photo on her Instagram on January 16th. In the released picture, Son Dam-bi is spending time at a ski resort with Lee Kyu-hyuk. In response to her post, netizens commented, “You two look so sweet”, “Seems like you had such a wonderful time”


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