SNL actress Jung Rang received surprising news that amazed her fans

The original cast who shook ‘SNL’ received a really surprising current situation

People are applauding for the recent status of actress Jung Rang.

jung rang

On the 4th, the secretariat of the “Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival” announced that the movie “Anemoe: A Fairy Tale for No Kids,” starring Jung Yi-yi as an actress, has been selected as the winner of “Grand Prix” and “Cine Award”.

jung rang

It is the first time in about 11 years that a domestic film has won a feature-length Grand Prix at the Yubari International Film Festival. Reportedly, the film festival gave points for the realistic, explosive acting skills and unique directing of the cast of ‘Anemone’.

The movie “Anemone” (directed by Jung Ha-yong), starring Jung Rang, is a black comedy about a unique thing that happens when a former martial arts fighter Yong-ja (Jeong Rang) asks her husband (Park Sung-jin) to run a lottery errand.

jung rang

Jung Rang is a comedian who debuted through SBS’ “People Looking for Laughter” in 2005. When she was a comedian, she used the name ‘Jung Myung-ok’. Later, while joining the “SNL Korea” crew, she changed her name to “Jung Rang”.

Source: wikitree

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