Seol In Ah’s Indonesia fan meeting completed successfully, “I am shocked by the huge crowd”

Actress Seol In Ah of “Business Proposal” recently attended the “Marhen.J Hallyu Festival” in Indonesia.

On July 31st, the “Marhen.J Hallyu Festival” was successfully held at Laguna Atrium Central Park Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Seol In Ah

As the muse of vegan brand Marhen.J, actress Seol In Ah attended the festival and held a press conference and fanmeeting, drawing attention with her clothes that were harmonious with Marhen.J products. 

Hearing that Seol In Ah was coming, numerous local fans lined up for hours before the event, filling up the entire mall from the 1st to the 5th floor and showing the immense popularity of the Hallyu Wave.

Seol In Ah, who appeared amid the pouring cheers of fans, made precious memories with them by communicating and taking selfies together. The actress was so moved by the sincere love of fans at the scene, that she started to shed tears.

“I had a happy time in Indonesia. I will do my best to become an actress who reciprocates that love. Thank you for loving me.,” the actress said.

Speaking of the event, an official from Marhen.J said: “We were regretful that we couldn’t host an event with fans after the Corona Pandemic, but we could feel the passion of local fans through this meeting.”

Seol In Ah

On the other hand, Seol In Ah’s airport fashion as she departed for Jakarta, Indonesia on July 29th, received enthusiastic responses. The actress was dressed in an all-black outfit that highlighted her collarbone and cleavage, while holding a statement handbag from Marhen.J, which elevated her sophisticated charm.

Source: insight

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