SM Entertainment Announces 5 New Centers and Artist Management System for Each Center

According to a recent announcement, SM’s management system for artists is now divided into 5 centers. 

With a vision to further elevate its artist development and creativity, SM Entertainment has revealed the establishment of five new centers, each with its own independent production system and a dedicated team of experienced experts.

The new centers will be led by seasoned directors, boasting an impressive average of 17 years of experience in the industry. 

Center 1 will encompass KANGTA, BoA, SNSD, and aespa, with leadership provided by Choi Sung Woo and Jo Woocheol.

Center 2 will manage SHINee, Raiden, and SM’s upcoming girl group, guided by the direction of Choi Jin and Kim Wook.

Center 3 will bring together TVXQ! and Red Velvet, under the guidance of Kim Joo Young and Kwon Yun Jung.

Center 4 will manage NCT and NCT Tokyo, steered by the experienced hands of Kang Byoung Jun and Chae Jung Hee.

Center 5 will manage Super Junior, EXO, and RIIZE, with direction provided by Kim Hyeong Guk and Lee Sang Min.

In addition to the five main centers, SM Entertainment introduces a fascinating concept with its Virtual IP, Naevis. The virtual artist will be managed under a distinct system by Director Park Jun Young.

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