“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young: From a homeless guy to a reality TV star

After “Single’s Inferno 2”, Kim Jin Young is set to appear in another reality show.

“Single’s Inferno 2” has ended for more than a month, but the show’s cast members still garner attention. While participants like beauty pageant Shin Seul Ki and Harvard student Lee Nadine have enviable backgrounds, YouTuber Kim Jin Young has a much more difficult history. 

kim jin young

In the program, Kim Jin Young revealed he used to be homeless. He was scammed out of money but did not want to bother his friends and parents.

He said, “After completing the training of Korean Navy Special Forces, I went through the darkest time of my life. I was the victim of a job scam. I was offered a job as a swimming instructor working in Seoul but the location turned out to be in the countryside near the front line. I lost my money and  couldn’t afford the rent, so I had to live temporarily in a boiler room underground.”

At that time, Kim Jin Young had no friends and did not want to be a burden to his parents. In the end, he returned to military life, where he faced more adversity. The training process was very difficult, but thanks to his perseverance and effort, Kim Jin Young overcame it all. Later, he succeeded as a YouTuber. 

In “Single’s Inferno 2”, Kim Jin Young was noticed by 3 female cast members. In addition to Shin Seul Ki, he also caught the eye of Lee Nadine and Lim Min Su. But in the end, he ended up with no one because he picked Shin Seul Ki, while she decided to leave the island with another guy.

kin jin young
Kim Jin Young in “Single’s Inferno 2”.
kim jin young
He had a period of training in the Korean Navy Special Forces.

Thanks to “Single’s Inferno 2”, Kim Jin Young began to become a reality TV star. He currently has more than 835 thousand followers on Instagram. He is also set to appear in the new reality show “Zombieverse”, a survival program based on the famous drama “All of us are dead”.

With his military background and strong physical strength shown in “Single’s Inferno 2”, fans believe that Kim Jin Young will be one of the last survivors in “Zombieverse.”

Source: k14. 

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