SinB caught a lot of attention when GFRIEND covered SNSD’s hit

SinB and Jessica not only look quite alike, but they are also said to have similar voices.

At the recent concert called “Season of GFRIEND“, the fans must have been content with the exciting stage of the Source Music’s girlgroup. In addition to the group’s hit songs, GFRIEND also covered other impressive songs, and the most notable one might be the cover stage of SNSD‘s ” Mr.Mr.”.

GFRIEND performed the song in in black suits, impressing the audience a lot. Above all, SinB was the most noted member on cover stage of “Mr.Mr.”. Before that, she reminded a lot of people of the SNSD’s former member, Jessica because of their similar faces. At this time, the fans are even more surprised when watching SinB sing Jessica’s part in ” Mr.Mr.”. Her voice was commented to be very similar to her senior.

The fans were excited when watching this performance:

– “SinB sang Jessica’s first sentence. I saw Jessica’s younger sister, who has been lost for a long time. GFRIEND should perform this at a ceremony or show.”

– “For a moment I thought it was Jessica’s voice, how could it be that similar?”

 – “It was like watching Jessica singing.”

– “She looks like Jessica and dances well like Hyoyeon. I am so proud of her.”

– “SinB looks re like Jessica, and when she sang that part, I almost had a flashback …”

– “In the end we could see Jessica performing “Mr.Mr.” again after she left … GFRIEND never disappoints me.”

Source: Kenh14

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