This “Son Seok-gu’s lookalike” actor quit his job as an IT startup developer to pursue acting 

“A Model Family” actor Park Hee-soon praised Moon Jin-seung as a potential actor, saying “He will succeed like Heo Sung-tae”.

The crime thriller “A Model Family”, which tells the story of an ordinary man, who is facing bankruptcy and divorce, accidentally stealing the money of a dead man and getting entangled in a criminal cartel, has been released on Netflix and received hot responses.

New actor Moon Jin-seung, who debuted in 2019, also attracted keen attention from the viewers. In “A Model Family”, he plays the role of a subordinate in the organization led by boss Park Hee-soon. 

Referring to Moon Jin-seung, actor Park Hee-soon said, “This friend took an elite course and had a good job, but he suddenly wanted to act and just started challenging acting not long ago”, adding “I think he has a great passion for acting since he abandoned everything he had. Heo Sung-tae also started acting late after having a good job, but he succeeded. I think Moon Jin-seung is likely to do the same”, praising his junior.

Moon Jin-seung belatedly went on the path of an actor while working as an IT startup program developer. He shared, “When I first started acting, I just wanted to show everything about my true self rather than trying to give influence”.

Revealing himself as a person who likes to take risks, Moon Jin-seung said, “I’ve always tried to discover what I like and what I can do well ever since I was young. Then I worked as an IT startup developer”, adding “After working, I realized that the environment was different from my expectations. I wanted to work as a programmer even when I get older, so I even went all the way to Germany. However, it was not as fun as I thought.”

He continued, “Then I wondered what job can help me grow on my own and make my daily life happier. With that thought, I started acting”, revealing the reason behind his decision to become an actor. 

Moon Jin-seung, who started acting for his own growth and happiness, tried his best in acting with great determination. 

When Moon Jin-seung was cast as Ma Tae-mo, a brutal killer of the Cheonjubang, in the drama “River Where the Moon Rises” last year, he voluntarily shaved his head to portray Ma Tae-mo in his own style.

Apart from his image transformation, the rookie actor made tremendous efforts to increase his character synchronization rate, such as receiving intensive training to show accurate actions and portray a swordsman without making any mistakes. As a result, he succeeded in catching the eyes of the viewers with his perfect performances.

Moon Jin-seung is nicknamed “Son Seok-gu’s lookalike”. Apart from the appearance factors, such as his monolid and charismatic eyes as well as a big body, he also challenged various fields and jobs like Son Seok-gu did.

In this regard, Moon Jin-seung said, “He’s a very smart senior actor and I really respect him. He directed documentaries and took on many challenges throughout his life”, adding “He has a clear sense of self-centeredness and he acts by matching the character with his own self. He’s an actor from whom I have a lot to learn.”

He also confessed that he wanted to learn more from Park Hee-soon and Jung Woo, the two actors whom he worked with in “A Model Family”.

He said, “I want to resemble Park Hee-soon senior both as an actor and as a person”. Referring to actor Jung Woo, Moon Jin-seung said, “He’s a senior who made me realize when I put too much energy into my acting”, expressing his gratitude. 

Source: daum

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