“Pre-debut photos lol”, a famous female actress posted extremely sexy photos of her past 

This actress listened to her fan’s request and released a pre-debut photo of herself 

On September 9th, actress Jeon Jong Seo had a Q & A session with fans through her Instagram account. 

Here, one fan asked Jeon Jong Seo to release a lot of photos in her pre-debut days, expressing their curiosity about the actress’ appearance in the past. 

jeon jong seo

After seeing this, Jeon Jong Seo posted a friendly comment, saying, “Pictures before debut lol”, and released her past photos.

In these photos, Jeon Jong Seo can be seen showing off her slim body in a sleeveless outfit that highlights her sexy curves and cleavage.

Jeon Jong-seo

On the other hand, Jeon Jong Seo recently appeared in the Netflix original series “Money Heist Korea: Jointed Economic Area”, and is known for her performances in movies “Burning” and “The Call”. She was also selected as a main cast member for the movie “Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon”, and is set to advance to Hollywood. After that, the actress continued to work in various genres and projects, such as the short drama “Bargain” and the upcoming movie “Ballerina”.

Source: wikitree

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