SHOW ME THE MONEY’s jugde cried on livestream after getting criticized for accepting an elementary student instead of San E

While under fire for his evaluation on “Show Me The Money 10”, rapper Yumdda went on a live broadcast and expressed his feelings.

Show me the money 10’s judge cried on livestream after attitude controversy

On November 1st, Yumdda turned on Instagram Live. He appeared with teary eyes and said, “I’m a person who cannot receive love from anyone. You will know that when you look at me. I became like this, and my life is not going well. I’m also working hard and releasing albums, but people only call me the T-shirt seller.”

Then, Yumdda said, “But I really did everything. I’m the person who may go to the abyss at any time, and I really wanted you guys to do well. I think things have become like this. I’m already 40. What should I do? I’m just living my life as Yumdda.”

Show me the money 10’s judge cried on livestream after attitude controversy

After that, he confessed, “I can see my acquaintances are receiving criticisms online because of me. It’s a lie if I say I don’t look over things on the Internet. You can take me to hell, but please don’t swear at other people. These friends are still young and are working hard for their life.”

Yumdda is currently participating on Mnet’s show “Show Me The Money 10” as a judge. However, his way of giving evaluations as a producer and his attitudes towards the contestants recently sparked controversies.

He was intensely criticized by netizens for accidentally letting Choi Sang-hyun, who had no stage manners, pass his performance, showing inappropriate words and actions towards Koonta and accepting an elementary student rapper Song Min-young instead of San E.

Show me the money 10’s judge cried on livestream after attitude controversy

In the meantime, Yumdda is attracting attention for selling his T-shirt goods. On November 1st, Yumdda also revealed that he sold 180 million won worth of goods in one day.

Regarding the controversy, rapper One Sun said, “You picked the kid first and left San E behind? I don’t understand. Didn’t you say to do things the fun way? Do you think the applicants came here for fun? How much your decision in your capacity in the position you are sitting in will affect many people, and how heavy it is. Think carefully,” he pointed out.

Rapper Bully also posted a captured photo of Yumdda on his Instagram on October 31st and criticized Yumdda‘s attitude, saying, “Even if he keep getting frustrated, he should know what would have happened if they heard this from the judge when they wanted to get the first pass necklace.” “I’ll give you a free lesson”. Take out the nasal voice that doesn’t even work and get the rhyme right. Even if it’s lame, it should be moderately lame. You should learn again from the basics,” he said adding, “Show Me the Money participants came out to prove their skills earnestly because they were desperate. You should at least respect them,” he pointed out.

Internet users also responded coldly, saying, “If you thought of them as people trying to work hard, you shouldn’t have chosen elementary school students,” “He is criticized for his arrogance, but I don’t think he knows the reason,” “I want them (the judges) to be more serious during the broadcast,” and “We need him to explain properly to convince the public.”


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