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Shocking revelations from rappers who appeared on “Show Me the Money”: “Encouragement to take drugs? I got it a lot”

Mnet’s “Show Me the Money” rappers Khundi Panda and Son Simba have admitted to being suggested to take drugs in the past.

On April 3rd, a Korean online community brought attention to remarks made by two rappers on a YouTube channel in the past.

In particular, Khundi Panda and Son Simba appeared on the YouTube channel ‘New Side’ and responded that they had received encouragement to take drugs “a lot” in the past.

Regarding this, Khundi Panda explained, “I haven’t experienced it recently, but I received it a lot in my early 20s. I have seen cases where we had fun drinking at the first gathering, and then someone suggests having another drink at their place or going to a club that their friend is running, and it all seemed very natural. I just thought, ‘I guess this is what they do.’ Usually, my friends who were with me didn’t participate, and I thought it was strange that they wouldn’t do it. There are also cases where they encourage you to become an ‘accomplice.'”

Son Simba also revealed that he was encouraged to take drugs, saying, “I went to a club party a while ago, and the party owner told the club owner, ‘They’re my close friends, please take care of them,’ but the club owner misunderstood and gave us something that looked like powder.”

He added, “There are rappers who are ‘likely to refuse even if they are given’ and those who are ‘likely to say it’s right.’ But that day, I happened to be with friends who were likely to say it’s right. So I was afraid that they would get into trouble, so I put ice on it and threw it away.”

In particular, they were asked, “Are the lyrics written while high genuine?” to which they replied, “Until a few years ago, they all seemed fake, but now I don’t think it’s easy to tell if they are fake.”

Son Simba said, “In the past, there were ways to circumvent the law. People would obtain psychotropic drugs with a prescription and abuse them as if they were drugs, but now they use real drugs,” adding to the shock of the revelation.

The revelations by Khundi Panda and Son Simba are indeed shocking and raise concerns about the influence of drugs in the music industry.

Source: Wikitree

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