SHINee Taemin shared about his current situation and life in the military, “I gained 10 kg”

The good news of SHINee Taemin, who is serving in the military, has recently been released.

On October 7th, a video of SHINee Lee Tae Min while serving the military band was uploaded on the Youtube channel of the Military Manpower Administration.

shinee taemin

Taemin drew attention by revealing that he sang the song “Let it go” by Big Mama at the military performance evaluation. Then he shared, “In the future, I want to sing different kinds of military songs. I want to expand my spectrum and digest all kinds of songs.” The private Lee Tae Min sat up straight and introduced the daily routine of a military band.

He said, “I wake up at 6:30, then have breakfast. We gather at 9 to work, then eat lunch. We continue working and have dinner after work.” Taemin suddenly confessed, “If you spend time doing this routine consistently like me, you will gain 10kg.”

shinee taemin

When asked what he does on the weekends, Taemin said, “I do my laundry or contact my family and friends.”

Next, with a bright expression, Taemin mentioned “food” as the thing that gives him the most energy for his military life. Taemin smiled while talking about food in detail, “Food from the canteen is really delicious, and recently they served naengmyeon (cold noodles).”

In response to the question asking when he would be discharged from the military, Taemin couldn’t say anything in detail but “I can’t meet everyone in 2022…”.

shinee taemin

Seeing Taemin’s cute appearance even after going to the military, fans are showing explosive reactions under the video.

In particular, Taemin’s discharge date is November 30th next year.

Source: insight

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