Shin Se-kyung’s agency to take strong legal actions against “keyboard warriors”

Actress Shin Se-kyung’s side will take tough measures against malicious commenters.

EDAM Entertainment announced on Instagram, “We are aware of the fact that malicious posts about Shin Se-kyung have been posted through various online communities and SNS for a long time. Recently, we have also confirmed that harmful posts about her are being posted several times in a number of Daum cafes.”

Shin Se-kyung

The agency added, “Judging that these posts may defame the actress, we have decided to take strong legal actions without leniency against the creators of malicious posts, such as the spreading of false information, defamation of character, personal attacks, invasion of privacy, sexual harassment and insults.” Besides, they shared that an investigation is currently underway to identify the authors of malicious posts.

Meanwhile, Shin Se-kyung recently appeared as the first main character in the documentary film “Another Record”.

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