Shin Hye Sun talks about reducing her profile height in the past, “Dating? I can’t do it”

Actress Shin Hye Sun revealed her real height.

On August 31st, the YouTube channel “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night” uploaded a new video featuring the guest appearance of actress Shin Hye Sun.

When asked about her height, Shin Hye Sun said, “It’s 171.8cm”. When Jo Hyun Ah whispered, “I heard tall people reduce their profile height… especially women…”, Shin Hye Sun confessed, “My profile height before was 173cm. It was too big”.

Shin Hye Sun continued, “So I reduced my profile height to 171cm, and when I checked it up during medical check, it was 171.8cm! I can say it confidently. I’m smaller than 172cm”.

Jo Hyun Ah, who is 153cm tall, envied Shin Hye Sun, saying “If you’re that tall, it’ll be so good when you dress up”.

Hearing that, Shin Hye Sun said, “I had a dream about being small”. She continued, “For example, I have difficulty picking up the book on a high shelf… then a man would help me pull out the book… You know that kind of scene?”

Shin Hye Sun

Explaining that she had a shoot like that in the past, Shin Hye Sun said, “But I can reach everything. I don’t need to get help from men. Why should I? I can pull it out myself with my height”, adding “But anyways, since I have to film that scene, I would widen the distance between two legs and pretend I can’t reach”, drawing laughter.

Jo Hyun Ah then asked, “Why don’t you date?”. Shin Hye Sun responded, “It’s not about ‘why’ but it’s that I can’t”, revealing that she has never experienced a relationship in which she considers her partner more important than herself. She shared, “It is something I really want to try. I’m jealous”.

Source: Daum

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