SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Confesses Admiration For Kim Jae-joong, “He’s My Role Model”

SEVENTEEN member Jeonghan revealed himself as a fan of Kim Jae-joong since his school days

In episode 2 of MBC Every1’s travel variety show “Magic Lamp”, which will air on October 2nd, the juniors continue to express their enthusiastic affection for Kim Jae-joong.

After a long flight, the members of “Magic Lamp” arrived in Montpellier, France, and had a simple snack time at night. They naturally paid attention to the eldest member Kim Jae-joong, who was not present at the first meeting.

Seventeen Jeonghan

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan revealed that Kim Jae-joong was his role model, saying “I always thought that I wanted to become famous like Kim Jae-joong in Japan”.  In response, Kim Jae-joong said, “I’m always rooting for SEVENTEEN”, showing his warm side as a senior singer.

Jeonghan continued, “I never thought I would do a program with Kim Jae-joong”. Kang Hee agreed, “All of us feel the same way, right?”. Kim Jae-joong smiled happily when the juniors expressed their admiration for him, saying he had been their idol since they were in school.

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Lee Joo-an added, “When I was a student, I collected all TVXQ goods”. The actress then asked about the most difficult concept during TVXQ activities, making Kim Jae-joong embarrassed. It is said that the scene was like a mini fanmeeting of Kim Jae-joong.

Source: Daum

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