SEVENTEEN Seungkwan assisted Moonbin’s parents at their coffee shop

Boo Seungkwan, a member of SEVENTEEN, came to help the parents of his late best friend, ASTRO Moonbin. 

On June 3rd, several fans came to visit the coffee shop opened by the parents of the late Moonbin at Nowon, Seoul, and spotted SEVENTEEN Seungkwan at the same establishment. 

According to these fans, Seungkwan stayed at the coffee shop for 2 hours, and did all sorts of tasks to assist Moonbin’s parents, from taking orders, serving drinks, to standing at the cashier register. 


Many fans met the SEVENTEEN member, but in order not to disturb him, they didn’t take any photo and only asked for his autograph. It is known that Seungkwan happily signed for every fan at the coffee shop.

In addition, Billlie Moon Sua, the younger sister of Moonbin, was also at the same place to help her parents. 


On the other hand, SEVENTEEN Seungkwan has always been a close friend of ASTRO Moonbin, who passed away on April 19th. After Moonbin’s passing, various friends of his, from the 98-liner group to fellow ASTRO members, have been supporting Moonbin’s family and expressing their sorrows. 

Source: LSB

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