Seolhyun shared her exciting first meeting with a large breed dog 

Seolhyun’s latest Instagram story is too cute to handle. 

On May 14th, Seolhyun posted a video on her Instagram story with the caption, “Today is our first meeting.. ^^”. In the video, she is playing with a large dog in the yard in comfortable homewear and slippers.


Although this was their first meeting, the dog seems to be loving Seolhyun. It kept jumping up and down around her, making Seolhyun surprised and showing off their cute chemistry. Seolhyun is famous for having a passionate love for pets. She is the owner of two adorable dogs, one of them, called Dungchee, is also very large. So like the one in her story, she can’t control them because they are almost human-sized and as big as her body. 


Meanwhile, Seolhyun has overcome the controversy over AOA’s feud and is receiving enthusiastic support from fans. Last year, she greeted viewers with a role in tvN’s “Awaken”. Currently, she is appearing in tvN’s new drama “The Killer’s Shopping List” alongside Lee Kwang Soo and Jin Hee Kyung

Source: Nate

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