Seo In Guk was spotted working part-time at a cafe 

Popular singer and actor Seo In Guk made headlines as he was spotted working part-time at a cafe in his hometown. 

Back in May, Seo In Guk was spotted working part-time at a cafe in Ulsan, his hometown, drawing huge attention.

In photos shared by internet users, Seo In Guk can be seen wearing an apron and a mask, while expertly making coffee like a professional barista. Even while concentrating on his work, Seo In Guk’s undeniable good looks charmed his female fans.

seo in guk

Furthermore, Seo In Guk showcased his “domestic side” by skillfully doing dishes and even took selfies with fans who came to visit the cafe after hearing the news.

Meanwhile, Seo In Guk had personally announced the news of his part-time work through his YouTube channel and Instagram account.

seo in guk

At the time, the singer-actor said, “I am going to take orders, make cakes, and work hard, trying out part-time work with all my effort. Isn’t it great to cool off on a hot day with a refreshing cup of coffee and take a quick break in a well-air-conditioned place?”

It is known that the cafe where Seo In Guk worked is a well-known “hotspot” in Ulsan, and is operated by his younger sibling. Thus, it seems that Seo In Guk visited the cafe while he was in his hometown for drama shooting, and offered to help out.

seo in guk

On the other hand, Seo In Guk will be returning to the small screen in December with the release of the Tving original drama “Death’s Game” (also known as “Yi Jae, Will Die Soon”).

“Death’s Game”, which is adapted from a popular webtoon, depicts the story of Yi Jae who was punished to experience death over and over again. 

In this drama, Seo In Guk assumes the role of male lead Choi Yi Jae, who loses his will to live after years of unemployment.

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