SBS will reveal “Who caused Sulli’s death” and the unexpected appearance of her boyfriend

However, this episode of SBS’s program about Sulli was met with harsh criticism from the public.

According to SBS FunE, SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” will release an episode titled “Rumors after rumors, who actually killed Jinri (Sulli’s real name)?”. The program was planned to find out the answer to this question through shocking rumors about Sulli in the past and then give the reason why she chose the worst solution.

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However, after watching the teaser of this program, the netizens reacted extremely strongly. Many people opposed to SBS releasing this episode because of a statement from the program: “There are many rumors that cannot be told. These are all dirty rumors that can ruin a person’s image”. SBS also found a shaman who claimed to have a spiritual connection with Sulli and a man claiming to be her boyfriend.

Her fans said that the show “digging up” these rumors and letting these people aired only further worsened Sulli’s image. The netizens urged SBS to leave the girl alone so that she could rest in peace.

The “Unanswered Questions” program also quoted cold-blooded hate comments about Sulli that made everyone angry: “It’s not that I am cursing at her. I never told her to die. I don’t even care if she died or not. “

“Unanswered Questions” is broadcast weekly on Saturdays at 11:10 pm local time.

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