Korean television series “Nonstop”: the starting point of grade-A stars in Kbiz 

The sitcom “Nonstop” spanning 6 seasons provided a firm platform for actors to land in vast popularity.

Along with other long-running sitcoms in Korea such as “High Kick through the Roof” or “Potato Star”, Nonstop is also a phenomenal series that elevated careers of many now-famous Korean stars. The series’ first ever season dated back to 2000 on MBC, revolving around the multiple lives of young people. The story sets against a youthful backdrop consistent with the time of its air. 


 With a cast of young actors and actresses new to the industry, the series is often considered to be a platform for them to debut and shine as prominent actors and actresses. 

Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung started out as a model. He entered showbiz in 1998 and gained his first ever role in 1999 and attracted attention in the second season of “Nonstop”, two years later.  From this point on, his life took a drastic turn and his life-time dedication to acting commenced. 


After 12 years of contribution to the Korean filming industry, Jo In Sung is now a major star who leads in successful works and earned for himself nominations and prestigious awards. 

Jo In Sung

Jang Na Ra

Jang Na Ra is Jo In Sung’s co-star in Nonstop 2. The series was her debut in acting in which she pulled an excellent performance. The actress was able to capture and convey the playful and innocent nature and adorable traits in her character. 


After the role, Na Ra’s career was elevated thanks to the lead roles in accomplishing dramas such as “Successful Story of A Bright Girl” or “My Love Patzzi”. The actress also turned to the Chinese market to develop her career then returned to Korea to maintain her popularity. 

Jang Nara

Currently, Jang Na Ra is an A-list star with pan-Asian reputation. Last June, Jang Na Ra got married to her boyfriend after 2 years dating. 

Kim Jung Hwa

Kim Jung Hwa impressed viewers of “Nonstop 2” with her personality and energy and rose to fame with “Nonstop 3”. As a debut work for Jung Hwa, she gained much popularity from it and started pursuing acting after its success. 


While Kim Jung Hwa had several major roles in Korean big broadcast stations, the actress could not rise to fame as much as her castmates and stayed relatively down low. 

Kim Jung-hwa

Now that the actress is married, she is more focused on taking care of her family and only returning to the screen with minor roles. Some of her recent works are “Mine” and “Good Job”. 

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin debuted as an actor in TV series “Bodyguard” and rose to fame as a lead actor in “Nonstop” 4, attracting attention from the public, all in 2003.  


As an actor with pan-Asian popularity, he owns not only a whopping asset and thriving career but also a happy and satisfied marriage. 

hyun bin

Last March, the actor tied the knot with actress Son Ye Jin and became one of the most powerful couples in showbiz. 

Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul gained reputation after winning SBS’s “Supermodel Contest” in 2001 and earned her first ever role in “Nonstop” 4, 


 The actress continued showing her acting capabilities with dramas such as “Couple or Trouble”, “Tazza” and “Will It Snow for Christmas?”.

han ye seul

However her career came to a halt as personal scandals plagued her life. 

Han Hyo Joo 

Han Hyo Joo was discovered through a teen’s beauty contest organized by the food and beverage corporation Binggrae in 2003. Two years later she caught the eyes of directors and got a role in “Nonstop” 5. 


Owing to this appearance, Hyo Joo was able to lead in director Yoon Seok Ho’s “Spring Valse”. 

Her career has been going up since then. The actress has led in multiple works and gained countless prestigious awards. 

Han Hyo-joo

As a “Smiling Beauty”,  she is a beauty icon receiving much love in Korea. She is returning with the web series “Moving” on Disney+. 

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi also had an impressive debut with “Nonstop” 5. Previously, the actor was known for his sweet singing voice in performing love songs. He was known as the “Prince of Ballad”. 


After his initial impression with “Nonstop” 5, he got the chance to shine and escalated to be a young star as Hwang Tae Ja in the phenomenal drama “Famous Chil Princesses”. He was also known as the “Nation’s Son-in-law” after the show. 

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi is now a famous top star of Kbiz. He is acting in “The Law Cafe” airing on KBS. 

Source: DAN

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