Minho (SHINee) reveals the common concerns of male idols about the time of enlistment

Minho’s sharing is probably also a common concern of male idols in Korea.

In a conversation with two YouTubers Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal on Korean Englishman channel on December 21, Minho (SHINee) revealed the fear that male idols face when performing military service. As a Gen 3 idol with a large fan base, Minho admitted that he was worried about his future career before he enlisted in the army: “I was really stressed when I thought about the prospect of myself being forgotten because of the hiatus.”

Shinee minho
Not only Minho, this is also a common concern of many male idols.

However, the male idol completely changed his mind after finishing his military service: “I realized that it was all useless worries. I get to meet a lot of new people and I love it. Because I was 29 years old at the time and everyone I trained with was much younger than me. They are only about 20, 21 years old and I have learned a lot from them, about current trends and culture. More importantly, I was energized by that.” It is known that he spent 17 months in the army and completed his military service from April 2019 to November 2020.

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After being discharged from the army, Minho returned to active activities not only in music but also in many film projects. On December 12, the male singer released his first solo album titled “Chase” with 6 tracks. Currently, the MV for the title song of the same name has reached 4.7 million views on the YouTube platform.

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