“Santa” Suzy personally prepared and wrapped Christmas gifts for the staff of “The Girl Downstairs” 

Suzy moved the staff of Netflix’s upcoming drama “The Girl Downstairs” with her kindness. 

On December 21st, the Netflix drama staff team posted photos showing off the gifts that Suzy prepared herself for them through Instagram.

suzy christmas

On this day, Suzy was in the middle of filming Netflix’s original series “The Girl Downstairs.” Still, she took time to prepare Christmas presents for the staff who are working hard even at the end of the year.

suzy christmas

The staff were all touched by how caring Suzy is. A staff member said, “Suzy wrapped Christmas gifts for all members of the ‘The Girl Downstairs’ team. It’s touching.” Another staff member said, “Isn’t she an angel? It’s so cute that she picked the wrapping paper and wrapped the gifts herself.”

suzy christmas

In addition, on the same day, Suzy also shared set photos of the support she received from her fans from Thailand on Instagram.

Currently, Suzy is preparing the release of the movie “Wonderland” and Netflix’s original series “The Girl Downstair”. 

Source: Nate

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