Sandara Park talks about her solo comeback, “I’m still in the red, just over the break-even point”

Singer Sandara Park revealed that she did not make profits with her first solo comeback

Singers Sandara Park and Bam Bam guested on the September 8th broadcast of SBS PowerF’s “Cultwo Show”.

When asked, “Who earns the most among celebrities in your agency?”, Sandara Park said, “I’m still in the red even after making a comeback. It’s over the break-even point”.

Sandara Park

Making her comeback after a long time, Sandara Park expressed her gratitude to Koyote Bbaek Ga. She said, “He looked so flustered and couldn’t even introduce the song well. I really understood how Shin Ji (a member of Koyote) felt. We promoted together for a week and I realized that it must have been very hard for him”. 

Sandara Park and Bam Bam then answered a radio listener who shared the story of her daughter working in Japan and not replying to their messages. Bam Bam said, “I read all the text messages every three days and called my mom once. Even my mom doesn’t answer me.” Sandara Park shared, “I contact my mom very often, but she does not say much and only replies ‘Okay, I got it’.”

Source: Daum

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