Sandara Park recalls memories with G-Dragon, “He spread rumors of male stars flirting with me, so the boss took away my phone”

Sandara Park shared an unusual story involving G-Dragon on “Salty Pawn Shop”.

On the episode of JTBC’s “Salty Pawn Shop” that aired on July 18th, Chae Rina, Narsha, Sandara Park, and Chaeryung appeared as guests.

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Chae Rina expressed her sincere dedication to soccer variety shows by stating that no one is ever late after she joined the soccer team. She then shared a story about how she decided to show her determination after seeing negative comments like “She can’t even play for a minute” when she first joined the team. In response, Tak Jae Hoon jokingly said, “They might have been genuinely concerned about your health, not leaving hate comments,” making everyone laugh.

Continuing, Sandara Park said, “I think I’ll get along well with Tak Jae Hoon, who has a completely opposite image from my innocent image.” When Narsha interjected, saying, “Can’t I join the ‘Tak-line’ too?” Tak Jae Hoon replied, “It would be too heavy if everyone joins.” This exchange created a sea of laughter on the set. When Tak Jae Hoon told Chae Ryung, “You should join too,” she humorously declined by saying, “It’s great, but I’m okay,” making everyone burst into laughter.

sandara park

As the conversation continued, they revealed items they brought to “Dangpo”. In particular, Sandara Park took out the old cell phone she used in 2009 and revealed a shocking story about it. She said, “It was taken away from me because of Kwon Ji Yong. The boss took it and later returned it to me. It’s a valuable phone to me.”

“We did an advertisement for this cellphone, and actually used it back then”, adding “I was quite famous among male celebrities at that time. That’s why I received many calls from different people, but I didn’t tell the boss. Even when I received calls from men, I ignored them and didn’t reply”, she explained.

sandara park

Sandara Park continued, “But one day, a man got frustrated so he met G-Dragon and complained, saying ‘Dara noona doesn’t contact me’. G-Dragon told me that he felt good upon hearing that. We (2NE1) were the first girl group YG produced, and we were proud of it. He felt happy knowing his noona (Sandara Park) avoided that person, so he spread the story among people in the company. Eventually, it reached the boss, and he thought I was contacting some guys, so he took away my phone. So, I had to live without a phone for a few months”, revealing the full story behind the incident.

sandara park

She added, “Although 2NE1 members are older than him, G-Dragon took great care of us because we were the first junior group that debuted after Big Bang. He was that much interested in us so he even paid attention to the behind stories about us.”

Source: Nate

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