Sandara Park and her $25 million fortune: “Here are 4 tank tops that I wear so much that they have holes in them…”

Singer Sandara Park introduces 4 tank tops that she usually wears this summer.

Sandara Park posted on her Instagram on the 24th, “My 4 favorite white sleeveless tops. I wore them a lot this summer”.

In the published photo, Sandara Park showed off her 4 favorite tank tops that she has worn continuously this past summer. The 37kg female singer proudly boasts that she has a sleeveless top that’s small enough to be called Cheonjogari.

Although ranked 3rd in the list of the richest female idols in Kbiz, Sandara Park has a huge love for simple designs. However, these white tank tops of female idols are all from high-end brands.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park ranked 3rd in the list of “Richest female singers in Korea‘ published by the South China Morning Post last year.

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