Already on hiatus for more than a year, Lovelyz has only 2 months left until their contract expire

The fact that Lovelyz has been on hiatus for over a year makes people pay more attention to whether they will renew their contracts.

Lovelyz debuted on November 12, 2014, and will celebrate its 7th anniversary this year.


Since the contract period between an idol group and the company is usually 7 years, many groups disbanded in their 7th year when their contracts expired. Therefore, KPOP fans call this “the 7-year curse”.

Lovelyz, who debuted in November, will also have their contracts end in November this year.

Although the contract of this girl group is about to expire, no news of Lovelyz renewing the contract with their company has been released yet.

Earlier, MAMAMOO, who debuted in the same year as Lovelyz, had reportedly re-signed with their company before their contract expired in June.

According to officials in the entertainment industry, there are still 2 months left until the expiration date of Lovelyz’s contract, and it is said that the members are discussing their contract renewal with the company.

However, since Lovelyz released their 7th mini-album in September last year and they have been on hiatus for over a year already, fans are becoming more worried about the possibility of Lovelyz’s renewal of contracts.

During this hiatus, Lovelyz members seemed to focus on individual schedules rather than group activities.

Kei and Ryu Su Jeong debuted as soloists, while Mi Joo and Ye In were active in entertainment shows.

In an interview last year, Ryu Su Jeong showed her love for the group by saying, “We are always proud of Lovelyz’s music. We also have a strong desire to keep the color of Lovelyz. The important matter is how long we can make Lovelyz’s music. We still think we want to perform just like we are doing now.”

Therefore, fans are wondering whether Lovelyz could successfully renew the contract as a whole group and make a comeback to greet fans again.

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