Jin (BTS) reveals the reason for rarely using Twitter, fans exclaim ‘Idols are in trouble just like normal people!’

It has been a while since the last time Jin shared something on BTS’ Twitter, so fans asked him why.

Jin is known as BTS‘ representative face and “worldwide handsome guy” as he tops the list of the most handsome male idols of Forbes. BTS’ eldest brother has a gentle and warm beauty like a boyfriend next door.


BTS members do not have personal Instagram, but they often upload pictures and interact with fans through Twitter and Weverse. 7 boys share the group’s Twitter account with nearly 40 million followers and often post personal photos on this platform.

Meanwhile, all of them have their own accounts on Weverse. Originally considered Big Hit agency’s social network, now many celebrities are using it such as BTS, TXT, GFRIEND… Recently, BLACKPINK also joined this platform.

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In a conversation with fans on Weverse, when asked “Seok Jin, where have you been? Why don’t you use Twitter often? I’ll ‘die’ if I don’t see you”, Jin replied “I’ve changed my phone. And Twitter made me verify again… So I can’t log in yet.”

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After receiving Jin’s reply, fans had to exclaim that it’s never been that easy to make a “cheap moment” with idols. Idols forget their passwords just like fans!

Source: K14

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